Flax Seed Chikki - 250 gm

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Flax Seed Chikki

Ingredients: Roasted Flax Seeds, Jaggery, Dry Ginger

Nutritional Value of Flax Seed Chikki

  • Full of nutrients, Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, minerals and essential vitamins
  • Very low in Cholesterol and Sodium
  • Good source of dietary Fibers, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Phospherous and Magnesium

Flax Seed Chikki Beneficial in:

  • Cholesterol Control - lowers LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and improves HDL (Good Cholesterol)
  • Lower the risk of blood pressure, coronary artery diseases & strokes
  • Cough Cold & Joint Pain

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